Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Welcome to your way to get a free iPhone easily and hassle free! This is done by you doing an offer (usually free ones, like a lovefilm two weeks trial etc etc) and getting referalls which in turn gives the freebiejeebies site money from the offers due to the fact that they are gaining customers. Then the freebiejeebies site sends your iPhone! (or any other gift if you choose) Simple!

Now complete these easy steps to get yours.


1) Go to FreebieJeebies and sign up.

2) Participate In a sponsor offer.

The most popular offer is LOVEFiLM DVD Free rental trial, it's a 14 day no obligation trial which won't cost you a penny to complete (But PLEASE make sure you receive one DVD for your offer to show as completed).

Or try the Coral offer, it's only £5 to complete and shows as completed instantly or even the Bingo Liner offer if you like bingo then you will love this one!.

If you are not from the U.K then there are many more offers for your country, the most popular is the INTUIT which is a 30 day FREE trial this offer is the No.1 offer being completed in the U.S & Australia.

If you are from any other countries the offers available to your country will show on the offers page.

3) Get some of your good friends to do the same.

Once everything is completed you'll be sent an iPhone 3Gs or any item you choose completely free of charge.


Hope It All Goes Well!

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